ah hello, anyone home?

Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it. Think of it as taking the summer off. There has been plenty of crafting (along with trips to the beach, barbecues and backyard cricket and lots of ice cream) but its all secret squirrel stuff. Presents and show entries and nothing I could talk about here. Until now.

Two weekends ago I finished two biggish projects, both destined for special babies. Now they have both been gifted, I can finally show them off.

First up, a squishy stripey blanket for a beautiful baby girl, the daughter of one of my oldest friends. It’s a stash blanket, knit almost entirely in Sublime Merino Cashmere Silk DK. The teal is Sublime Extra Fine Merino DK. It took me a while to decide on the colours, and I ummed and ahhed for a while about including the pink when I didn’t know for sure if Maddie would be a girl or boy. But the colours just looked right together, and my friend is evolved enough not to worry about silly things like that.

I cast on in the car on my way to my parents for Christmas, and pretty much knit this thing everywhere: in the car on daytrips to the beach, on the train, in pubs and at barbecues.  It was the perfect project for social knitting; simple, mostly knit stitch, but not too boring.


hows that serenity?

But next time I’d possibly rethink the stripe sequence… the ends were a killer!


too many ends

And of course I forgot to take a final finished photo before wrapping and posting.  Ah well.  It took six weeks from start to finish, although that includes two weeks while I waited for two extra balls to arrive in the post.  I think I need to knit more blankets like this one.  In total I used four balls of cream, three each of blue and green and two of the pink, and my stash is looking a little leaner.  Must do something about that.

My other project was a quilt.  A bright rainbow quilt.

i can sew a rainbow!

i can sew a rainbow!

My knitting peep Alison is expecting a boy, and this little guy is going to hit the jackpot in terms of handknits, so I made a fun quilt for him to roll around on.  And maybe a bit of baby yoga too.  I think the off set squares look a little bit like Himalayan prayer flags fluttering in the breeze, which is appropriate since Alison is a yoga teacher.

I followed this rainbow quilt tutorial, tweaking the design a little to work with the fabric I already had, which included a heap of 2.5″ white strips leftover from Ollie’s quilt.  There was some complicated maths required to calculate the number and size of the squares to make sure I had enough of the white, and there was only one 12″ strip left over.  Seriously, there was algebra and everything!  I ended up with 56 five inch squares, seven each in red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, purple and pink.

there is clearly too much fabric in my stash

there is clearly too much fabric in my stash

Almost all the fabric came from my stash and it was fun choosing fabrics, although there was a distinct lack of purples, which has now been rectified.



This quilt used strip piecing, something I hadn’t tried before.  It was so quick!  The blocks came together in a couple of nights, then I got to have fun deciding on the layout.

composing with colours

composing with colours

The back needed something simple.

the back

the back

I’m really happy with how this quilt came together, in particular the pewter binding and the pale grey on the back with the scrappy spectrum.  And I think I my free motion quilting is getting better too, although please don’t look too closely!

oh look, a bird!

oh look, a bird!

And finally, my babies started school this month.  We’re four weeks in and they’re doing great, really loving it.  We all are.  Which is good, because they’ve got 13 years to go!

first day!

first day!


About crafting, with chocolate

I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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3 Responses to ah hello, anyone home?

  1. DrK says:

    oh that blanket, oh that quilt. you are too much, crafting wonder woman. the quilt of course is just perfect for alison. im trying to think of an occasion that doesnt involve pregancy or birth for you to make me one! and look at your gorgeous boys, im glad to hear they’re enjoying school.

  2. LynS says:

    Both these blankets are very special. Somehow you make the colour choices – and, in the case of the pieced quilt, the pattern combinations – look as if that is exactly the way they were meant to be.

  3. RoseRed says:

    I am so going to have to have another baby if it means an amazing quilt from you! (Oh whoops!) heh heh!

    I think I say this every post, but you are seriously Wonder Woman! Both gorgeous gifts, and two big boys in big shorts at big school! Wow!

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