sewvember: week 3… and week 4 too

Is Sewvember over already?! Time flies when you’re having fun. And I did have fun with this. Maybe too much fun, getting carried away with skirts and tops and Christmas stuff and not taking time to blog about it.  I didn’t finished Ollie’s quilt, and I still have a bag cut out ready to sew. Oh well who says it has to end on November 30th?!

Sew anyway, the last two weeks saw more small boy stitching…


sewing a button, an essential life skill

We kept it simple this time; I cut out some felt triangles and they stitches an assortment of buttons on.  Because every guy needs to know how to sew a button on. And they did great. A felt star for the top and their work was done.  I added a some felt to the back to hide the mess and some ribbon. Too cute.


forest of little button trees

Sam and Archie were so proud of their little trees, and keep asking when we’ll make some more things for the tree.  

All this festive stitching with the boys had got me in the mood, so my next project was some scrappy stocking ornaments, using this little tutorial.  These were fun to make, and a good chance to use up some precious scraps of my favourite fabrics; I can’t seem to throw those little leftovers away, no matter how small they are, so will need to find more little projects like this.  The only modification I made was to use calico for the backs instead of patchwork, allowing me to get more stockings from my patchwork panels. 


Scrappy stocking ornaments

Next proper Sewvember project was another top using my new pattern.  This one is in a viscose and wool blend jersey and is so light and cool. I adjusted the pattern slightly to make it a little less low cut; since it’s gathered at the top of the sleeves I just cut the neck edge 2 inches shorter and gathered it a bit more at the sleeves to compensate. It mostly worked. It was so much faster making this a second time, and the navy fabric is less stretchy and slippery than the red, so the whole experience was more enjoyable too.  I love my new top!


new top, with bird

All of this lead up to a sewing party at DrK’s, with a thanksgiving feast thrown in too.  I have a lot to be thankful for; three happy healthy kids, a fabulous partner who appreciates that parenting is a joint responsibility and who tolerates my craft mess everywhere, an interesting job, and fantastic friends, many of whom share my joy in creating something, whether it be sewing or knitting or whatever.  As I said, a lot to be thankful for.

Anyhow the sewing day had been planned for weeks, and the addition of a thanksgiving feast, complete with college football (go Irish!), pumpkin pie and pilgrim hats made for a fabulous day.  And in amongst all that I even managed to make a skirt! Without a pattern or really much of a plan really.  A quick discussion with lyn and Jody while I draped myself in some pretty Echino linen blend and the idea came together. I made a yolk using a basic a-line pattern, then just gathered there rest of the fabric into a skirt, and presto! The yolk isn’t perfect and I might need to make some adjsutments there, but overall I’m really happy with how it came out.  Even my zippering is much improved, thanks to some advice from Kris.  Such a fun day.


another green skirt, with butterflies and birds

For me, Sewvember culminated in a project I’d been thinking about all month.  I bought this beautiful Japanese cotton in Cabramatta, on a fabulous day out with some lovely knitters; there was fabric and Vietnamese food and a whole lot of fun.  I had 2.5m and no clear idea of what to do with it.  After a whole lot of delibration, and a slight diversion into waistbands and zippers, I arrived at a modified Washi dress pattern that I was happy with.  And here’s the result…


OK so the necklace is all wrong, but I love my new dress

I am so happy with this frock, it feels like I finished Sewvember on a really high note.  Its the lengthened bodice from my earlier efforts but without the waistband, and I kept the shirring (no zipper- yay!).  The neckline has been scooped out, and it is fully lined in cotton lawn.   The lining was interesting to do; I basically made two dresses and stitched them together at the neckline instead of attaching a facing.  The armholes were finished with bias tape, so I got to use my nifty bias tape maker again. 

And sew Sewvember is over.  Its been a lot of fun.  And I made some stuff.  Yay!



About crafting, with chocolate

I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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3 Responses to sewvember: week 3… and week 4 too

  1. DrK says:

    you really outdid yourself you know, so many beautiful things. you’ve given me lots of ideas, i especially loved that top and you know, my neckline was too big in the recent jersey so i added gathering too and it worked a treat! but i wont cut so low next time. (i sense another visit to cabramatta quite soon). it was a great sewing thanksgiving. as you said, so much to be thankful for, and i want to copy your skirt no-pattern! and i adore my little row of scrap stockings, hanging proudly from my mantelpiece. yay for crafty clever friends xx

  2. RoseRed says:

    You are my sewing superhero! Love all of these things. The new Washi dress looks so great and the black top is perfect.

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