I haven’t just been deliberating about what to knit.  There has been sewing deliberation and planning too!

For a while now I’ve been procrastinating about Ollie.  He’s three at the end of this month, and definitely not a baby anymore.  But every night we still tuck him into a bed in a cot.  A cot he’s way too big for.  A cot he can climb into by himself and I’m sure could climb out of too, if he had the inclination (so far he hasn’t). 

We’ve procrastinated for a number of reasons; because we have a space issue, because we  hadn’t decided whether we were going to have another baby (and so should we get him a little junior bed for now and wait until we need two big beds, then buy another set of bunks), and because Ollie was happy where he was.  Well, the baby decision has been made (no more), so really there is no point not going straight to a proper bed.  And he really is getting too big for that cot. 

When Sam and Archie got their big boy beds, I made them special doona covers. 

messy big boy bed

messy big boy bed

With Ollie about to get his big boy bed, it only seems fair that he gets handmade bedding too.  Here is the fabric I picked first:

I heart robots!

I heart robots!

I am clearly going through a bit of a robot phase.  Love the gears too.  I am such an engineer.  Here is the other fabric I assembled to go with the main fabrics: 

lots of fabric

lots of fabric

I liked the idea of including red in the mix as Ollie’s room has quite a bit of red in it already, and well I like red.  But the main fabric doesn’t have any red, and now I’m worried it will overpower the other prints to the point that its the only thing you see.  What do you think?  Here they are without the reds:

without the reds

without the reds

Agh I can’t decide.  On the colours or the design.  Although I really like the patchworky look of the squares, I’m considering doing something a bit more complicated this time.  Maybe even a proper quilt, if I can find a patch of floor big enough to sandwich a bed-sized quilt.  Sam and Archie’s have no quilting at all, and although they’re holding up pretty well so far I’m pretty sure they’re not going to end up an heirloom like this gorgeous thing.  Most likely they’ll be falling apart by the time they guys want NRL doonas instead of Mum’s handmade efforts.  But it would be nice if at least one survived for me to keep, something I can wrap myself in when I’m feeling sentimental about when my boys were small and snuggly.  With the speed they’re growing up, I think its probably worth planning for that moment, its going to come around fast.


About crafting, with chocolate

I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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3 Responses to planning

  1. RoseRed says:

    I am hopeless on colours, but for what it is worth, I think you are right about the red (gasp, I know, me saying not to use the red!!) . Maybe you could use the striped fabric – just a wee bit of red then. Or use the red fabrics on the back? (I don’t really understand why quilts aren’t properly reversible – is there a reason for that?)
    And I vote for quilt!

  2. LynS says:

    I vote to include the red. I don’t like my quilts too matchy-matchy. I think the red makes it look mor fun and informal.

  3. DrK says:

    i agree with lyn, the red will be an excellent counterpoint. the colours you have in that last picture look good together but i actually think they blend a bit. something to make them pop, as they say! and i so want a robot quilt for myself!!

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