parfait redux

About 6 months ago, I made a dress…

Parfait #1

Parfait #1

Its the Parfait dress from Colette patterns.  I blogged about it here and here.

Last week I went to Spotties to buy some interfacing for another project, and I got distracted by a 30% discount on all fabric and this…

pretty green stuff

pretty green stuff

Which is now this…

Parfait #2

Parfait #2

Another Parfait, made as a top this time.  I used my pattern modifications from last time and added a lining as the fabric is quite sheer.  The printed fabric is a cotton voile and its lined with similar fabric in solid white.

up close

up close

I’m really really happy with this top.  I think I did a much better job second time round.  I love the fabric, the fit is good, and the lining really makes a difference.  I basically made the top in both fabrics then replaced the facing around the top edge with the lining.  There was some hand finishing to attach the lining to the zipper; I probably could have machined it but it was fiddly and I really didn’t want to mess it up.

inside out!

inside out!

Because the fabric was on sale, I didn’t pick the most expensive buttons in the shop (unusual for me) and I already had the zipper and interfacing, this top cost me about $15 to make.  Bargain!

It just needs a cardi to go with it now.


About crafting, with chocolate

I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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4 Responses to parfait redux

  1. RoseRed says:

    Looks great! And gee, green! How unexpected! Heh heh.

  2. Very cool! I might have to copy this one myself. 🙂

  3. DrK says:

    its gorgeous! and will look great on you. what colour cardi are you thinking i wonder?? i think purple and green go smashingly well together 🙂

  4. knitabulous says:

    You look great in green!

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