Its probably a good thing I had little boys.  Dinosaurs, trucks, spacemen and robots rule in our house, and I’m good with that.  When we found out there was twins in there, I really really hoped at least one of them would be a girl.  But then the sonographer told us they were boys.  Two little boys.  And they were both happy and healthy and perfect, and suddenly having a little girl didn’t seem very important at all.  And now there are three little boys, three bright shiny little people who fascinate and frustrate me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way (OK, so maybe less frustration would be good).

So while I love to look at all the gorgeous knitting and sewing patterns for little girls, a lot of my craft is made with little boys in mind.  There’s a certain challenge too, to make boy stuff fun and interesting, instead of just blue.  So when I found out my knitting peep Jody was expecting a little boy, I deliberated for ages what to make.  I decided pretty quickly not to knit something; Jody’s one of the most prolific knitters I know, and this little guy already has a pretty extensive selection of gorgeous handknits.  After looking at 1001 sewing patterns for clothes and accessories I settled on a floor quilt, something he can roll around on anywhere, and that can be machine washed and dried easily.  My Mum made me several and they were in constant use until they guys started crawling.  Jody works in IT, so robots seemed appropriate somehow; plus the simple lines were about the limit of my piecing skills!



up close

up close

Yeah, those piecing skills.  I think I’m getting better, but even with a 1/4 inch seam foot for my sewing machine I still can’t seem to sew a straight line!  Luckily the robot design was pretty forgiving.  I had so much fun sketching robots until I got a design I was happy with, and would work in patchwork.  Then a couple of nights to cut and sew the quilt top.   The back used up some of the leftovers, and I like how the white quilting shows up against the solid blues.  I found the boxy machine quilting much trickier than regular stippling (which is also harder than it looks), and I don’t think I did a particularly good job.  I like the effect though, especially once it had been washed and dried and everything crinked.

the back

the back

I struggled to capture the colours in these photos.  The darker purple looks almost black, but its not.  Finding purple prints that weren’t floral was interesting too.  Apparently someone decided purple is for girls.  Bah to that, I really love the aqua, purple and orange colour scheme, its bright and cheerful and very boyish.  Hopefully Jody and the little guy like it too.  Welcome to the world, little one.

the back!

boxy machine quilting

This is the fifth little quilt I’ve made now.  The others were all variations on simple squares, so this was a step up in terms of design complexity and execution.  I’m really happy with it, but to be honest I’m not sure how far to take this whole quilting thing.  I don’t really need another hobby or the requisite stash (I have enough trouble storing my yarn stash!).  But I do think my general sewing skills have improved by the increased precision required for quilting.   And a baby quilt is a lot quicker to make than a knitted baby blanket.  So there will be more little quilts.  And maybe even a big one too.  Maybe.


About crafting, with chocolate

I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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5 Responses to robots!

  1. roseredshoes says:

    SUCH a fantastic quilt Zena!! No-one would think this was inky your fifth one. It is fantastic!

  2. LynS says:

    This is just breath-taking, Zena. Such a great original design and really zingy colours. Lucky baby to have such a quilt to play on!

  3. DrK says:

    its the most fantastic quilt i’ve ever seen – took my breath away when jody unwrapped it. you are a complete wonder, i dont know how you do it! very lucky baby indeed.

  4. welovefelix says:

    Just stunning Zenes. Thought I should let you know that my quilt has been getting quite a work out this winter too! xo

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