rainy days

Its been a cold and rainy long weekend, and rainy days need new flannie pyjammies to lounge about in!

Archie and Gruffalo, deep in conversation

Archie and the Gruffalo

I usually try to avoid matchy matchy twin stuff, but this space invaders fabric was pretty much the only flannelette in spotlight that wasn’t overly girly or babyish, and if I’m honest I know it bothers me more than them.  So Sam got identical pants, but with a different top.

Sam's new jammies

Sam’s new jammies

And ha ha yes, I realised the little space invaders were upside down halfway through sewing the pants together.  Shows how much I know about old school video games.  But Sam and Archie don’t know anything about video games either, so I figure it doesn’t really matter.  They’re happy, I’m happy.

The top’s are just plain basic tees from Target, with a stylised invader appliqued on the front in some random fabric from the stash.  I kept the alignment to match the pants, even if it is upside down!  The fact that I had exactly the right colours probably says something about the size of my growing fabric stash.  I blame an attempt to buy less yarn last year.   

There has also been other sewing, knitting and cake-baking, not to mention a big lamb and vegie curry in the slow cooker.   Not sure when I turned into a 1950’s housewife, but it was a pretty good long weekend considering we’ve all been stuck inside for much of it with a serious case of cabin fever.  I really hope thats the rain over for a few weeks, I’ve pretty much used up every indoor entertainment trick I have up my sleeve the past few days!   

rainy day entertainment

rainy day entertainment


About crafting, with chocolate

I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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2 Responses to rainy days

  1. DrK says:

    oh now i want space invaders flannies! soooo cute, all of them. wishing you some good sunshine this week (more with the ‘i dont know how you do it’!)

  2. roseredshoes says:

    Very cute jim-jams! I think you should ALL have a pair of space invaders pjs! Now that really would be cool!

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