I’ve been eating, sleeping and breathing sleeves lately. 

knitting homework

knitting homework

At Guild on Saturday I presented a short tutorial on sleeves; dropped, raglan, yolked, set-in, plus the discussion threw up some others I’d never even heard of (nalgar?! yep, its raglan backwards).  I also talked about some clever tricks to produce seamless sleeves, including the short-row set-in sleeve, the bottom up seamless set-in sleeve and the contiguous method.  I was only tipped off about this one earlier in the week and it looks amazing, a true top-down seamless sweater method with a set-in sleeve.  And it was developed by an Aussie too, Susie Myers.  So clever.  I can’t wait to try this one out. 

All this contemplation on sleeves has come at the right time; I had just cast on a jacket for Sam.  In an effort to knit each of my kids something more substantial than a hat this year, I am going to knit each of the twins a sporty zippered jacket thingy with a collar.  Sam’s is going to be navy blue with edging in a light lemony-limey yellow.  Which sounds horrendous but he LOVES yellow and together the lemon-lime lifts the navy.  The navy yarn is Rowan Pure Wool DK and I bought enough to make Archie’s in navy too but now I’m having second thoughts, mostly around the hand-me-down potential (in two years these will fit Ollie, does he need two navy jackets? And how did I become such a practical mum-type person?!). 

Sam's sporty jacket in progress

Sam's sporty jacket in progress

So, back to sleeves.  I want Sam’s jacket to last more than one year, so I’m sizing it up a bit and including some ribbed panels in the side of the body so its not enormous on him this year.  Its just an extension of the 2×2 rib at the waist, but I think it looks kind of sporty, so I think I’ll do it up the sleeves too.  I was leaning towards doing a short-row set in sleeve, but I’d really like the ribbing to extend over the shoulder to the neck, like the stripes on a track top.  And on Saturday I think I discovered out how.  Oh, how I love Elizabeth Zimmerman!

Seamless Hybrid

Seamless Hybrid (image from Ravelry)

Its the EZ seamless hybrid sweater with saddle shoulder.  MissFee brought her recently finished sweater along to Guild as part of the sleeve discussion.  And its perfect for what I want to achieve.  I think I’ll keep the shaping a bit more set-in than raglan, but the saddle idea is gold.  I should easily be able to take the ribbed stripes up over the shoulder as part of the saddle.  Or maybe not.  But hey, its going to be fun trying!

I think this will work...

I think this will work...

There has been some sewing going on too.  Its been a while.  Finishing show entries has taken precedence over sewing lately.  I started off finishing off a long-standing WIP.  This was going to be a patchwork panel on a tote bag for a friend last year, but I wasn’t happy with the piecing so its been kicking around my sewing stuff for months.  I decided I need a new pot holder, so here it is…

no more burnt fingers for me!

I’m pretty happy with it; its nice and big and pretty, and was good practice for attaching binding and getting those mitred corners just right.  Now I have no excuse for using a tea towel to get stuff out of the oven!

And just because he is too funny…

walking in Mumma's boots

walking in mumma's boots


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I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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One Response to Sleeveland

  1. roseredshoes says:

    Love the boots photo! Connor has just started putting on my slippers (slip on scuff style) and then kicking them off, he thinks it is hilarious!
    You are toooo clever with your self-designed saddle shouldered cardis! I don’t have the patience to work that stuff out.
    And in case I didn’t mention it on Saturday, your sleeve tutorial was excellent!

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