knitting polyamory

I’m usually pretty monogamous in my knitting.  A combination of limited knitting time and a project-driven mindset mean I usually stick to one project at a time.  But after spending a couple of weeks in knitting purgatory I’m enjoying a little poly knit love at the moment…

First up is Emilie.  She’s a cute little thing, a bit vintage.


She seemed to be growing very slowly, so when I measured her a few nights ago I was surprised to find its time to separate the body at the armholes.  I really like the look of the lace panels at the front, but the pattern doesn’t really flow; its only in the last few repeats I’ve been able to knit without referring back to the charts.  The body is knit in one piece, from the bottom up.  The front and back are then worked separately from the armholes and joined at the shoulder.  Once the body is complete, stitches are picked up around the armhole and a short-rows shape the sleeve cap before working the sleeves.  I’ve used this construction before (Gudrun Johnson’s impossibly perfect Audrey in Unst cardigan) and it creates such a neat sleeve cap, I’ll never seam a set-in sleeve again.

Next is some jurassic love.  Its a funny looking thing just now…


With three little boys dinosaurs are pretty big around here.  Actually I can’t really blame the guys.  I’m a bit of a science/natural history geek, so I loved them before the kids came along.  See that ball of the neutral colour?  Thats all I’ve got left, until emergency supplies arrive from England.  I can’t wait to cut those steeks!

And finally something a bit casual…


Its the Milkweed shawl by Laura Chau, in Knitabulous fifty fifty.  This is my go-to project for car and train trips, or when I don’t have the energy (or inclination) to concentrate on the other two.  All that garter stitch, its like therapy.  Gorgeous pinky-silky-merino therapy.  What could be better than that?


About crafting, with chocolate

I'm a thirty-something Australian with a mild craft obsession. I knit, I sew, I bake bickies with my kids, and four days a week I pretend to be a serious engineering professional. Its a full, frantic life, but I love it.
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2 Responses to knitting polyamory

  1. RoseRed says:

    Yay for multiple knitting projects! All looking fabulous (as always)

  2. DrK says:

    oh so many beautiful things, and yes garter stitch really is entirely therapuetic. arent you missing some bunts tho?!

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